Stained Glass

Stained-glass images burned onto glass come to life through the light continuously changing angle and intensity when shining through. Though traditionally used in parishes, churches and cathedrals, nowadays they are increasingly found in private homes, public buildings and offices.


Stained-glass pictures are at their best in daylight. Therefore a window is the most obvious place for a stained-glass piece. 
In artificial light or against an opaque, stained-glass catches the eye as well. A stained-glass picture can for instance be framed with an artificial backlight. Its colours will be somewhat less varied and dynamic, but the picture will be visible after daylight hours.


Stained-glass is a labour-intensive and artistic technique originating in the early Middle Ages. The technique comprises of three stages:
1. creating the main outline of the picture with ‘contour-paint’,  
2. creating shades with ‘grisaille-paint’,
3. adding colours with enamel paint.


At each stage, the glass is placed in a kiln once or several times to fire the paint into the glass. The best picture is realized when a picture is fired several times during each phase. This results in a layering that gives a lot of depth in a picture. 


During production the end result in stained-glass is somewhat difficult to predict. Colours are never one hundred percent certain because the final colour is determined by a large number of factors (kiln temperature, thickness of the enamels, amount of oxygen, the exact composition of enamels, to name but a few). Despite all precautions the very same paint can be slightly lighter or darker in the final product.


My stained-glass picture are either commissioned or uncommissioned work. Commissioned work is often painted after a (own) picture. Three basic qualities are offered:  


Premium stained-glass. A realistic stained-glass picture with lots of layers, depth, and detail. Often multiple enamel colour layers are used.  


Impression stained-glass. An interpretation of the original photo with a limited number of layers, less depth, less detail and often fewer coloured enamel layers.  


Impression portrait stained-glass. Finally the impression stained-glass portrait is an interpretation stained-glass painting of black paint on transparant glass.

Each quality is normally made in size 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inches) on the beautifully curved Artista glass.

Apart from these standard formats and qualities -after consultation- many other options are available.



Impression portrait stained-glass prices start at € 375.
Please email or call for more detailed information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +31 6 - 267 48 268.


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ruud harberts
stained glass paintings and leaded glass

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