Leaded Glass

Leaded glass windows, windows of plain, coloured and/or stained glass in a lead profile, were in the past -and are still- widely used in parishes, churches and cathedrals. Leaded glass windows also adorned private homes in The Netherlands and other European countries built in the twenties and thirties. Today leaded glass windows are increasingly reappearing in such houses. More modern designs in leaded glass are also becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.  


Leaded glass windows are at their best when sunlight shines through, but artificial light makes for colourful displays as well. They are often put in front of an ordinary window. Alternatively, they can also be used as outdoor windows- even in double-glazed windows if so desired.
Leaded glass windows can also be used for privacy reasons to prevent others from looking in, or to hide a displeasing view outside. Vibrant and colourful, leaded glass windows are simply a beautiful decoration that livens up many places. 


Making leaded glass windows is a centuries old technique. It consists of five basic steps :

1. design,
2. planning the work,
3. cutting of the glass,
4. putting the glass in the lead,
5. soldering the parts together.
In some cases it is advisable to caulk the leaded glass windows, and, to make them appear more antique, patination can also be considered.  

The price of a leaded glass window depends on many factors, including the size of window, desired quality of the glass, amount of detail of the design, the need for caulking or patination and so on.




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